Why Come?

There's a saying in fitness: "Strength has no side effects."

Or, more simply, it's better to be stronger. Full stop. Regardless of what sport you play - or don't. And no matter what your lifestyle, your age or gender, how you make your living and what you do in your spare time.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, a strong, functional body is more capable, healthier, more resistant to illness and injury, better at doing the things we need and want it to do safely and effectively, and just all-round more useful and beneficial.

Is it right for me?

Strength and conditioning is a great way to help your body improve its functional performance through your daily life - enabling it to move better, with more control, more power, and with less effort.

If you play sports, at whatever level, improved strength and better conditioning will help you perform better on the pitch (or track, court, road etc.), and ensures you're more able to resist the impact your sport places on your joints, bones and muscles, reducing the chances and severity of injury.

If you're returning from injury or surgery, strength and conditioning work is the natural progression from rehabilitation. That way, you're ensuring that you not only recover from the effects of the injury and resolve the underlying cause, but you progress past the position where you were injured and continue the upward trajectory to reduce the risk of future recurrence.

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What will it be like?

Don't think this is just about lifting heavy weights. Strength and conditioning is an approach, not a set of exercises.

Yes, weightlifting is often an integral part of a strength and conditioning programme, but it's just one of many tools that can be used (along with mobility work, plyometrics, core-stability, and endurance training amongst others) to improve quality of movement, performance and overall health.

At Ten, every S&C programme is unique, starting with an in-depth assessment of where you are now - including strength, mobility, body composition, injury history, diet and lifestyle. We'll help you create meaningful and achievable goals, and we'll create a plan that will enable you to achieve them (using the Truecoach app to provide clear structure and to help you monitor and celebrate your progress).

You'll progress at the pace that's right for you - in line with your needs and the demands and pressures of your life - and we'll help you develop strength, power and speed effectively and safely over the coming weeks and months.

Results & Benefits


Self-evident perhaps, but an important benefit all the same.

Muscle strength is crucial for making it easier to do the things we need to do on a day-to-day basis - whether that's a weekly game of rugby or lifting a sleeping toddler out of a car seat.

And as we naturally tend to lose muscle mass by up to 5% a year from the age of 30 or so, maintaining it is an essential part of a healthy active lifestyle.


Strength and Conditioning will help you build lean muscle, and because increased muscle also increases your resting metabolism, you'll burn more calories per day (even when you're not exercising), helping reduce body fat.


Bone mass and density tends to decrease with age. But numerous studies have shown that strength training doesn't just increase muscle strength.

It can also play a role in slowing bone loss, helping prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures. It can even make bones stronger and denser - essential for anyone looking to remain strong, healthy and more active for longer.


A properly-designed strength and conditioning programme will strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. It will also improve mobility, flexibility, proprioception and balance, all helping make the body more resilient and resistant to injury.

It will also improve posture, not only benefitting many of the body's functions, including the respiratory system and circulation, but it also helps counter the effects of today's sedentary lifestyles, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction that affects over 80% of UK adults.

However, no matter how well prepared we are, injury is sometime unavoidable. Again, evidence shows that by keeping the body strong overall, recovery is frequently better and faster.


The concept of exercise and medicine is becoming ever more widely understood and accepted.

The combination of strength training, HIIT training, plyometrics and cardio conditioning that characterise strength and conditioning programmes increases cardiovascular function as well as muscular, skeletal and mental health.

It has also been shown to help manage the symptoms of many chronic diseases, including diabetes and arthritis amongst others. And by generating endorphins - nature's 'happiness hormone' - it also improves mood and helps raise self-esteem.

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